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Dr Valerie Netherland

Welcome to Five Hour Diabetic! We are truly thankful that you’re here. Dr Valerie Netherland, ND, LAc and Frank Falat, the Diabetic Lifestyle Advocate, are the founders of this helpful website.

This is a lifestyle website that we created for the severely underserved community of those suffering from Type 2 Diabetes. (And Prediabetes, too.) After watching two of my family members and a few close friends struggle with getting their blood sugar levels, body weight and health under control, I realized the lack of honest resources out there for them. We decided that we need to help.

Diabetics suffer from the side effects of fast food and highly processed food-like convenience foods. Poor quality food choices are in every city and every grocery store from coast to coast in the US. Everyone tells you the answer is simple, just eat healthy. Yet, no one ever tells you what eating healthy truly is … until now. We provide the detailed service of putting grocery lists, meal plans and recipes in diabetics’ hands every single week. Gone is the guesswork of figuring out what to eat!

Five Hour Diabetic will help you control your blood sugar levels, lose weight and save money.

We live with our loving puppy in sunny Portland, Oregon. This is a town that takes its food seriously and has opened my eyes to a world of healthy cooking that also tastes amazing. Dr Valerie and I spend our free time in our organic garden or out hiking volcanoes with friends.

When we started to identify Type 2 Diabetes as a website we could build to help others, we looked to our friends. Our personal network of close friends in this town are other doctors, nutritionists, nurses and diabetic educators. They gave us the rare opportunity to candidly discuss the needs of diabetics – from nutrition to exercise to supplements to emotional healing.  Getting advice from these professionals is how we developed the framework for this healing website. There’s no swindler, nor know-it-all guru behind the scenes, but a casually assembled team of leading medical professionals that overlook and advise on the true health needed for Type 2 Diabetics. You will be hard-pressed to find this detailed level of daily attention anywhere else on the internet.

Our mission at Five Hour Diabetic is to empower people to take complete control of their health and wellness. We offer credible nutrition, exercise and lifestyle information to diabetics.

Dr Valerie and Frank in VietnamDr Valerie Netherland is a Naturopathic Physician and Licensed Acupuncturist. She strives to help patients achieve health and balance by optimizing the healing power of the body. As a primary care physician, Dr Valerie treats patients suffering metabolic syndrome, fibromyalgia, gastrointestinal disorders, hormone imbalance, diabetes and other ailments. At the core of Dr Valerie’s treatment plans are healing nutrition.

In the state of Oregon (and about 20 other states), Naturopathic Doctors are fully licensed medical professionals that earn the same right to operate a medical practice as an MD. If you have never heard of Naturopathic medicine, it is a form of primary health care that emphasizes self-healing and disease prevention. Naturopathic medicine focuses on the underlying causes of disease and treats with modern pharmaceutical prescriptions, supplements, dietary guidance and other methods. Being trained as a Naturopathic Physician is being trained in the healing properties of food and nutrition. It is a medical practice that both honors knowledge from centuries past and embraces modern scientific methods. Quite often, patients are truly excited for their time spent in regular visits with their Naturopathic Physician.

Acupuncture is a complementary medical practice that was developed thousands of years ago in China. This is used by trained professionals, in addition to other medical treatments, for various ailments. Research studies have found acupuncture to be helpful for treating chronic pain, insomnia and fibromyalgia. The technique is to stimulate certain points of the body with single-use and thin needles. This practice is becoming more accepted by insurance companies. If interested, ask your insurance company about coverage and for a referral.

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Frank and Roxy hiking up Mt Hood in Oregon.

I grew up in the Midwest on a steady diet of antibiotics and highly processed food-like items. Eating this standard American diet, I grew up overweight and shopping in the husky section of Sears. The side effect of the microwave revolution means many families have forgotten how to cook – mine included. Later, in my 20’s, I lived off a steady diet of fast food and cigarettes. My health was horrible and I struggled with most physical activities and suffered from bouts of hypoglycemia. It was not until my 30’s that I got serious about my health and truly started cooking healthy. Now in my late 30’s I am in the best physical shape of my life. I cannot wait to share some of the recipes that have gotten me here with you.eagle scout

Scouting holds a proud place in my heart. I climbed the ranks to achieve Eagle Scout and learned some valuable lessons along the way. Helping others and giving back has been instilled in me since a young age. I hope you find this honest level of caring for others throughout this website. Back in my troop is also when and where I learned the basics of cooking. Mechanical engineering has been my career, but helping others and cooking healthy are my passions.

Ultimately, a diabetic empowered with a grocery list to make healing recipes can thrive against diabetes. If you’ve ever asked yourself “What does healthy eating truly look like?” or simply “What’s for dinner tonight that will help me live better tomorrow?” or “How come I cannot lose weight when I am eating only low-fat choices?” then you have come to the right place.

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