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  • fresh food to cure type 2 diabetes

    Diabetic Food List To Cure Type 2

    “Now what can I eat?” The simple act of eating gets difficult when you’ve been diagnosed with Type 2. Your nutrition is the largest controllable variable to your health. It is too important to ignore, as your life depends… Read More

  • Grapefruit with a half and leaves on white background for potential drug interactions on food list and desserts

    Grapefruit Drug Interactions – Dangerous Mixing

    Grapefruit can be both a blessing and a curse to diabetics. In research studies, grapefruit has been proven to give “significantly greater weight loss” in people suffering from metabolic syndrome. However, grapefruit is one of the rare fruits to… Read More

  • Pretty black woman looking desperate after having had an eating binge is why diets fail

    Why Diets Fail And The Secret To Weight Loss

    How many times have you heard that you need to lose weight to reverse your diabetes? If you’re like many people, you’ve tried and failed at the dieting game many times. While you may start a new diet… Read More

  • Waitress serving burger and fries as a suggestion for a cheat meal

    The Cheat Meal For Losing Weight

    Sometimes the best way to get ahead in life is by cheating. This seems to go against everything society teaches us about the wrongness of cheating, but it honestly can work. And science has proven it in a clinical trial… Read More

  • fish oil is a weight loss supplements for diabetes

    Weight Loss Supplements For Diabetes – Are They Worth My Money?

    The only topic more hotly debated than nutrition is that of weight loss supplements for diabetes. The endless reports in the news are conflicting from day-to-day. A handful of knowledgeable doctors use vitamins in their arsenal of tools to… Read More

  • picture of woman sleeping at work with head down on work due to a lack of sleep

    Lack of Sleep Causes Obesity

    When was the last time that you truly had a great night’s sleep? By great, I mean one where you had a few dreams, slept soundly through the night, woke up without an alarm clock, and felt energetic. If… Read More

  • Doing crunches during a gym class

    Diabetes and Exercise: The Easy Way to Get Active

    You’ve heard it countless times from many sources: exercise is crucial for reversing diabetes and obesity. And it’s true, but it comes in a close second place to nutrition. Fix your diet first to reap the benefits from an… Read More

  • milk splash on blue background

    Is Milk Bad For You? A Frightening Look

    The power of suggestion through marketing materials for the dairy industry is one fit for case studies at business schools. Do you believe that milk is the best source of calcium? Do you believe that your arms might… Read More

  • Doctor looking at obese patient midthought

    Are Cell Phones Dangerous To Your Diabetes?

    Testosterone is a powerful hormone that serves many bodily functions and is secreted by the testicles of men and the ovaries of women. Men with diabetes are more than twice as likely to have low have levels of… Read More

  • Bitter Melon for sale at a market

    The Best Foods For Diabetics Healing Naturally

    The act of healing can arise from different sources if you keep an open eye and open mind. To the chagrin of the multi-billion dollar diabetic pharmaceutical industry, healing can occur from your food and spices, not just… Read More

  • Selling and buying produce at the local farmer's market.

    Grocery Shopping On A Budget When Diabetic

    You might think that it’s easy to make good choices at the grocery store, but it is not. Grocery stores are a skillfully designed marketing trap from the moment you walk in the doors until your credit card swipes… Read More

  • Girl running at sunset

    The 7-Minute Workout

    Do you have 7 minutes to spare? It’s less than the average amount of commercials shown during one half-hour TV show. Most people do have 7 minutes to spare and I bet you do, too. Adding this habit into… Read More

  • Water and air bubbles isolated over white background

    Drinking Water To Lose Weight Naturally

    This magical compound covers over 70% of our planet Earth, yet most people, diabetics included, do not drink enough of it. Water is so crucial to our survival that we can only live a mere 3 days without… Read More

  • Cutting vegetables for a salad with an olive oil

    How To Eat Healthy With One Essential Trick

    Can eating healthy be simple and straight forward? The world of nutrition can overwhelm anyone with counting calories, deciphering mysterious food ingredients and conflicting dietary advice. It’s suspicious to think that it could honestly be so easy. This one… Read More

  • Black and white of utility workers fixing wires

    Cut The Cable TV To Save Big Money

    All too often having a cable TV subscription has become the norm in households across America. In a recent study done by the FCC, they calculated that the average monthly bill is $64.41 and steadily on the rise…. Read More

  • Obese man eats pizza while watching tv at home

    How Sitting Is Killing You

    We sit on our commutes. We sit at our work (or our school). We sit some more on our commute home. And then we sit and watch hours of television. All of this sitting is killing you and… Read More