Do you love coffee? Over half of adult Americans do and consume it daily. The average American spends about $165 on their coffee per year, most of which is bought outside of the home. This amazing recipe for a cup of joe offers many benefits that could change your morning routine forever.
This friend with benefits helps in these ways:
  • Save Money – Making good coffee at home is easy and cheaper than buying it from a coffee shop or gas station.
  • Save Time – Even when you spend the time making it yourself, you can still save more time when compared to making an extra stop every morning. This recipe is best made in larger quantities, allowing you to make coffee once per week, for the entire week.
  • Reduce Acidity And Inflammation – Coffee can get that off-putting bitter taste when the water used is too hot. This is what is referred to as acidity. Not only does acidity taste bad, but it is also troublesome for your digestive tract. Drinking (or eating) a diet high in acidic foods can cause and increase chronic inflammation throughout your body.  This recipe uses time to extract the flavors from the coffee with cold water. Since no heat is used, this type of coffee has virtually no acidity to it which makes it healthier for you. It might be the smoothest drinking coffee you have ever had in your life!
  • Allow You To Afford Organic – Coffee beans are some of the most chemically fertilized foods. The strong synthetic fertilizers used to make “conventional” coffee can produce adverse health effects. These have been linked to hormone or organ damage and disruption – precisely what a diabetic does not need in their diet. Buying any organic food is more about what you don’t get – questionable synthetic compounds that have been banned in many countries around the world. The money you save from not buying coffee by the cup can easily allow you to afford organic coffee at home.



The topic of coffee is hotly debated in the nutrition world. It is a very strong stimulant that can be addictive to some. Coffee can and will affect your insulin sensitivity – for the worse. While the nutrition facts seem to be healthy, it does not capture the entire picture of caffeine and acidity. It may be hard to eliminate coffee from your diet, but limit your coffee drinking to one cup per day.


Approximately two-thirds of American coffee drinkers also add cream and/or sugar. This is where some diabetics can get into trouble. If you drink your cream and sugar with only a dash of coffee, your morning beverage just got very unhealthy. Luckily this can be made less worse but still taste the same. Replace the sugar in your coffee with liquid stevia. Buy stevia on Amazon if you cannot find it at your local grocery store. They are sold in different flavors.


The rich body that cream adds to coffee is helping you gain weight. Cow dairy is best left to its rightful owners, calves, not people. All diabetics should strongly consider cutting all the dairy from your diet. Removing dairy from your diet will help you lose weight. Replace the milk or half and half in your coffee with coconut milk “creamers”. It provides body and creaminess without the drawbacks of animal dairy products. The brand So Delicious is available at most grocery stores, near the conventional creamers.



Making this low-tech coffee is quite easy. You most likely have everything on-hand in your kitchen already.

  • Gallon Jar or Half-Gallon Jar – This recipe is easy to cut in half if you only have a half-gallon jar.
  • Coffee Grinder – The best cups of coffee or espresso come from beans ground just minutes before it is made. Buying ground beans is easier, but they degrade in flavor quickly when exposed to air for so long. The naturally occurring oils in the coffee bean go rancid when not used immediately.
  • Filtered Water – Good water makes for good coffee.
  • Organic Coffee Beans – Since you are saving money by not buying coffee by the cup, consider spending that savings on buying healthier beans. Coffee is one of the most heavily fertilized foods on the shelf.
  • Fine Mesh Strainer – After the coffee sits for a day or two, filter out the grounds from the liquid with any filter you have. This one works for other kitchen uses, too.
  • Glass Jug – Store the cold brew in the fridge for weeks in a glass growler or jug. Avoid plastic containers if possible, for taste and health concerns.


Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Easy cold press coffee offers no acidity and the convenience of one batch for 1-2 weeks of coffee. Minimal equipment needed to produce smooth iced coffee. Recipe can be reduced by half also.
Cuisine: Beverage
Serves: 128oz
  • 128 oz (1 gallon) of cold filtered water
  • 2 cups organic coffee beans, coarsely ground
  1. Measure 2 cups of whole beans.
  2. Grind to a coarse level and place into a gallon container, preferably glass, ceramic or metal.
  3. Add the cold water with the beans. Stir to mix.
  4. Place coffee mixture in a dark place with no sunlight, nor heat. A pantry shelf works well. Allow to sit for 1-2 days covered.
  5. Strain

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