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The internet can be a beautiful thing. If you know where to look, you can find free, quality information and resources to make your life easier and more efficient. The links below to diabetes apps and websites are  for helping you to reverse your diabetes or save you money. And any money that you save can hopefully be used for buying better food, gym memberships or kitchen tools to further help you reverse your diabetes. If you find any links that are helpful, please send them my way. I love to hear what others find online and will share them with others on this page.



Local Harvest – The best resource, to date, for finding great local food. You can search for farmers, for both meat and vegetables, farmers’ markets, community supported agriculture (CSA), restaurants and grocery stores. This is the easiest way to find a farmer for buying good meat in bulk (think: 1/4 of an entire steer or whole turkeys).

Recipe Nutrition Calculator – Enter items for a recipe to get the complete macronutrient breakdown (calories, fat, carbs, etc.). If you’re subscribing to our diabetic meal plan, this is conveniently already done for you.

Instacart – A grocery delivery service in over 15 different cities. If you are tight on time, short on wheels or have any mobility issues this might be an expense easily justified. It’s merely $6 to get groceries delivered in under 2 hours when you spend $35 or more.

Interactive Seasonal Ingredient Map – Use this handy webpage to quickly see what produce is in season in your geographic area by month. If you’re subscribing to this diabetic meal plan, this information is already integrated in every weekly grocery list. Here’s another version that includes more than just produce.

Child Nutrition And Cooking Course – This free online course by Stanford and Coursera provides video training and quizzes to develop skills for healthy cooking. It’s great for those with children, whether they are suffering from diabetes or not.

Wolfram Alpha – This computational knowledge engine works wonders for many occasions. It’s great for converting different kitchen measurements. And also excellent for typing in most food items followed by the word “nutrition” and it outputs the macronutrient data.

Seafood Watch – The searchable database of sustainable fish and shellfish by the Monterey Bay Aquarium. You can search by fish type or by one of their state by state guides. They also have convenient and free smart phone apps to use in the grocery store, fish market or farmers’ markets. Making wise seafood choices has never been easier.

Calorie Control Guide – This is a helpful guide to estimations for portions for men and women. If you’re using our diabetic meal plan you will have this information conveniently for you with every weekly grocery list. But this is useful to have when dining out to gauge how much the portions are over sized. Scroll to the bottom of the page and they can email the guides to you.

Kitchen Measurement Conversions – A helpful print-out to have hanging in your kitchen. It shows extensive conversions from one unit to another, like how many teaspoons are in a cup, for example. We have one taped to the inside of a cupboard door.

Food Substitutions – It happens to all of us at times. You go to cook or bake something, only to realize you’re missing an item(s). This website allows you to find substitutions and amounts by searching for an item.

Guide to Grilling – This handy printout illustrates the cooking times and temperatures for meats and vegetables.

How to Clean a Gas Grill – It’s good practice to clean your grill about once per year. This video walks you through how to properly clean one.

Guide to Cooking Oils – This reference page is good for choosing oils and understanding what their composition is in terms of types of fat. If you are subscribing to this diabetic meal plan, this work has already been done for you, just refer to your weekly grocery list.

America’s Test Kitchen Quick Tips – A collection of free and quick how-to kitchen videos by the knowledgeable staff of ATK.

Microwave Hacks for Daily Life – This is a handy guide for using a microwave. It’s great to print this out and tape to the inside of cupboard cabinet. And don’t forget rule #2 for using a microwave: never use plastic of any kind (Saran Wrap, Pyrex lids or Tupperware).

Learn Knife Skills – An excellent tutorial of nearly 2 hours of video on how to handle and use kitchen knives. It’s perfect for beginners or novices in the kitchen – there’s much to be learned.

Steaks 101 – This quick video gives explanation to the various types of cuts of beef and how they differ. Remember to always buy 100% grass-fed beef to get a healthy cut worth eating.

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7 Minute Workout – This is an easy way to squeeze in a workout when you cannot get to the gym or out for a walk. It’s helpful for staying active when traveling and can be done in a hotel room without any equipment. There’s also a free smartphone app.

SpectraCell Laboratories – A widely available medical service for testing your nutritional deficiencies. This is the best route for your physician to scientifically determine what supplements you might need to complement your diet. It’s the best way to end the debate on whether or not you need to take vitamins. Ask your doctor to run these tests for you and check if your insurance covers them.

FitStar – This website brings fitness to everyone by the convenient method of an app or through video on your computer. The plans are affordable and do not require the home gym of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

BMI Calculator – BMI stands for body mass index. It’s a calculation of your body weight, height and gender. This is often used as a reference to decide if an individual is overweight or obese.

Calm – This is a great, free mediation website. You can select guided meditations to help introduce you to this powerful, yet ancient technique. It’s great for beginners and it’s how I first got started meditating. The only requirements are having a quiet place without distractions. Headphones can be helpful, too, to block out any noise. They also have free smart phone apps.

EWG Skindeep Database – This is an online resource to check toiletries and beauty products for potential toxins and hormone disruptors. This database was used to curated most of the items in the shopping guide. It’s good practice to use body products that have a minimal impact on your crucial hormone system.

Doctor On Demand – This new website puts forth a modern approach to connecting with a doctor – via video chat. This service does come at a cost, however, it could be useful for some, but certainly not all medical situations. It’s ideal for those cases that do not need your physical presence in a doctor’s office. And it can be useful for those that live in more remote areas that are less served by the medical profession.

Iodine – Another newer website that aggregates information on pharmaceutical drugs from both clinical research and personal, real life experiences from the site users. Their database is growing day by day and it can be useful for comparing diabetic drugs.

PubMed – This is an open database of public medical research reports courtesy of the US National Library of Medicine. It’s admittedly one of my favorite websites. It’s helpful for debunking claims of products and supplements. The best type of medical research report involves a study done on human beings (if possible) and being repeatable and independent of a manufacturer. Most of the studies I reference on this website originate from here.

Health and Beauty Listings – The ultimate directory of all things health and beauty related on the web.

Diabetes Forum (on City-Data.com) – A safe, easy and free way to connect with others suffering from prediabetes and type 2. This forum has lots of users that openly share issues and solutions dealing with this metabolic syndrome. Another great forum worth checking out is DiabetesForum.com.

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Talkspace – This is a modern approach to bringing the help of therapists to those in need through texting and live video chats. It is more affordable than seeing a therapist in a conventional setting. They also have couples therapy.

Happify – A website devoted to science-based techniques to develop and maximize your personal happiness. They recommend daily activities custom to your needs to develop better mental and emotional health.

Overeaters Anonymous – This organization offers local programs to aid recovery from various eating disorders. They address the physical, mental and spiritual well-being for progressing to wellness. OA is non-denominational, funded by voluntary member donations and does not promote any particular diet.

Psychology Today – Therapist finder search tool.

American Psychological Association – Counseling Services Locator

Department of Veterans Affairs – Resource Locator for Veterans

American Association of Christian Counselors – Christian Counseling Service Locator

National Eating Disorders Association – This organization provides help to those people suffering from any type of eating disorder. They also provide support for family members and campaign for better recognition and support for eating disorders in the community.

Remuda Ranch – A treatment center with a modern approach. It is situated in Arizona in a residential, non-hospital setting and provides custom and flexible programs for an individual’s stay. Their values are Christian based, however, it is open to those of all faiths and beliefs.
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Amazon Prime – The premium Amazon experience is called Prime. It features free 2-day shipping on most items and other exclusive access to movies, kindle books and music. The service can also be shared with four others. The Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express offers one year of free Prime membership after completing the minimum spend on the credit card.

Camel Camel Camel – If you first guessed that this site is for getting better rates on your camel, you’d be wrong. This site is a price tracker for Amazon.  You can make an account and then setup alerts for high-priced items and get alerts when the price drops. It also has some other features for top price drops and more. They also made the websites Best Buy price tracker and Newegg price tracker.

Craigslist – Most folks have heard of this popular site with the simple bulletin board design. Here you can find apartments, cars, ride-shares, kitchen gear and much more for less than retail. The site gets more powerful when you learn how to use advanced searches to laser focus on your target. And Craigslist now has email alerts, so you can passively search for items 24/7.

Honey – If you use Chrome for a browser you are in luck. Add this browser extension to your setup and automatically find and apply coupon codes when you shop online.

Auction Stealer – An eBay resource for automating your bids on an item. If you’ve ever tried to bid on something on eBay only to be outbid on it within the last-minute, it’s most likely because of one of these auto-bid utilities. Some are free but also have paid versions. Always, always, always double-check the price of the item off of eBay because sometimes it can be cheaper to buy it elsewhere. Also of honorable mention is Auction Sniper.

Annual Credit Report – Use this site for your free credit report every year. There’s several other websites that have similar names but make you pay for this and other services. It should always be free and the paid monthly credit watches are not worth your hard-earned money. The two sites below give that service for free.

Credit Sesame – Get your free credit score and monthly monitoring. This is a great free site that I urge everyone to use.

Credit Karma – This is similar to the one above. It’s also free, so I suggest that folks use both to protect your credit history and score. Having your identity stolen is a horrible experience, but not knowing about it for months or years after the fact can be quite devastating to your finances and stress levels.

Top Cash Back – This website is a click-thru portal that pays the advertising commission back to you. The amount that gets paid back depends on the specific website on which you make a purchase(s). Since this site uses cookies to track your click-thru purchases, make sure to use a normal browser window (private or incognito windows will block the method needed to get you paid).

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Dr Mark Hyman, MD – A popular family physician that practices directly with patients suffering from diabetes and obesity. He’s a best-selling author and is the director of the Institute for Functional Medicine. Dr Hyman has several great books for helping diabetics and has been featured on many TV shows.

Dr Richard K. Bernstein, MD – An engineer come physician, Dr Bernstein is also a type 1 diabetic. He championed what he figured out what worked for him and treats all diabetics these days. His diet plans are aggressive with daily carb intakes around 25g. Dr Bernstein hosts a live webcast where anyone can email questions or concerns to him. Reference the website for the next upcoming webcast.

Dr Robert Lustig, MD – Another popular doctor that gets a fair amount of TV and movie time. He’s a Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Endocrinology at University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). Dr Lustig has written several books and has the most viewed video on sugar and it’s effects on YouTube. He is the founder of the Institute for Responsible Nutrition, whose mission it is to reverse childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Mark Sisson – A former élite endurance athlete and premed student turned online Paleo expert. He was a key speaker in last year’s Diabetes Summit audio lectures and debunks endless nutrition misconceptions. This guy is in his 60’s and ageing gracefully through proper nutrition and regular exercise. He is proof positive of having lots of life left in his years.  And he has a great YouTube channel, as well.

Dr Chris Kresser, MS LAc – A practicing and teaching alternative doctor with an MS in acupuncture. He has an excellent website and champions the benefits of whole food nutrition in his daily practice. Dr Kresser has been nominated as one of the top 100 influential people in health and fitness by the Greatist.com, along with Mark Sisson and Michelle Obama.

Dr Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS  – A trained expert in nutrition, psychology and weight loss that proudly challenges the conventional thinking about food and well-being. He also happens to be an excellent author for books on these topics and delicious, simple cookbooks.

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mySugr – The simple diabetes management app to help curb the “monster” that is diabetes. It’s a tracker for your blood glucose levels and they also offer a junior app for younger users.

Calm – The free app for the above mentioned meditation website. It’s a great way to take meditation with you on the go – whether that be traveling for work or commuting to school, you can always get a few minutes of mental strengthening. The app has an instructional narrative, if desired, and several different ambient sounds and music to choose from. They have a paid version, but the free one is good enough.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock – This app analyzes your sleep patterns and tracks your time in bed. It works well and can sense your sleep movement through the accelerometer and mic on your phone. It’s well worth the $0.99.

My Fitness Pal – A calorie and exercise tracker. It’s a bit tedious to enter in all that data for every meal but it does force good habits of tracking your intake and output. If you’re subscribed to our diabetic meal plan, you’ve got all of your basic calorie and macronutrient counts already done for you.

EWG Skindeep – The app that goes along with the above mentioned website for identifying good or bad beauty and health products.

EWG Food Scores – Another app by the Environmental Working Group. This awesome app allows you to scan in a bar code on a product to see how good or bad it is for you. This is helpful even for those who subscribe to our meal plan, since it is quite challenging for us to name a brand(s) that can be found across the country. Although, most food items on this meal plan do not even have a bar code!

Seafood Watch – The matching app to the above mentioned website for locating quality seafood in your grocery store, farmers’ market or meat market.

Milk by Honey – An app that automatically applies coupons for you when you are checking out at the grocery store. It’s made by the same crafty folks that put out the Honey browser extension for Chrome, as mentioned above.

7-Minute Workout – The corresponding app to the above mentioned website. Take simple, easy and guided exercise with you on the go for free.

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