Five Hours Of Cooking Per Week Could Reverse Your Diabetes.

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Your Dream Diabetic Meal Plan Awaits

We’re here to help. Imagine grocery shopping with the help of the most expert doctors. Each diabetic meal plan would have the perfect amount of calories, healthy fat and minimal carbohydrates. Recipes would be flexible enough to fit your busy life. And the food filling and tasty. A dream? Absolutely not.

We work with the best medical professionals in the business. Dr Valerie Netherland is trained in naturopathic medicine and healing disease with food. Our local expert has treated thousands of patients to successful results. Her insight on what food not to eat is just as valuable as what food to eat. To create this powerfully simple diabetic meal plan we consulted with a diabetic educator, a leading nurse practitioner, another Naturopathic Physician with nutrition expertise and a top endocrinologist.

Your nutrition is the largest controllable variable to your health. Do not accept this state of chronic illness as your fate, it can improve. Finding your freedom from diabetes and metabolic syndrome is easier than you imagine. When you eat whole foods, with healing properties, your body can naturally repair itself.


See What’s Cooking

Check out our tasty recipes made from easy to find, affordable ingredients. Recipes are high in protein and high in good fat to keep you full throughout your day. Eating healthy does not need be a starvation diet! (Did we mention delicious diabetic desserts? And cheat meals?)


Life Changing Meal Plans

Stop counting calories! Five Hour Diabetic can do that for you. Each recipe is expertly calculated to have the correct amount of carbohydrates and calories from the most affordable and healthy foods. Quite often portion sizes are too large in recipes and restaurants. Eating too much of any food, even healthy food, will lead to weight gain.

This may surprise you. A handful of doctors have treated patients who have completely turned around their diabetes. Patients went beyond just controlling it. There were no miracle drugs involved, just hard work and know-how. There is hope for everyone to have improvements in your disease.

You will receive an email, once per week, that directly links to your weekly grocery list, diabetic meal plan schedule, and savory recipes. No experience needed in the kitchen.


diabetic meal plan may lead to cure or reverse type 2 diabetes

The expert doctors who have completely turned around Type 2 Diabetes in their patients are who we should seek advice.


Confusion About Your Diabetic Meal Plan

Now here comes the frightening part. Advice on diet and exercise is everywhere, but it is all conflicting. The professionals we expect to tell us how to eat healthy leave us confused and overwhelmed. What should a diabetic eat? What should a diabetic meal plan look like?


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Pharmaceutical Companies’ Big Secret

You’ve heard a lot about the miracle drugs for Type 2 Diabetes. But here’s something you may not have known.

That day was horrible. Your doctor pulled out your lab results to review. You have Type 2 Diabetes. The doctor said your life could be shortened by 10 years. And your eye sight could disappear. You might even lose your feet. You will never forget that day.

Out came your doctor‘s prescription pad. He wrote you more prescriptions than ever. And then showed you how to prick yourself with your new daily injections of insulin. Then came the lecture. You need to lose weight to control your diabetes. But you already know this. You need to eat healthy, he tells you. But how? And what?

Your doctor schedules you a visit with their nutritionist. Surely this will help, you think. An hour of food counseling leaves you more confused than ever. She told you how and why your body needs this and that, but never what to eat. Nor what to buy. The simple act of eating is more confusing than ever. What should a diabetic eat? What should a diabetic meal plan look like?

diabetic meal plan may lead to reduced prescription drug costs

Diabetics take, on average, 4 kinds of prescription drugs.

It’s easy to fill prescriptions. And easy to take them. The pharmaceutical companies know this quite well. Buying the right food to truly eat healthy is much harder. Toxic food is everywhere, some of which is easy to spot while others are not. The pharmaceutical companies also know this quite well.

Pharmaceutical companies sold more than $30 billion worth of diabetes drugs in 2015. These drugs cost a fraction of their retail price to make. Pharmacies love this class of drugs. They have excellent marketing campaigns and are America’s top-selling medications. Every pharmacist will tell you diabetes drugs outsell everything else on their shelves by a long shot.

The ADA found that diabetics take an average of 4 kinds of medication. Some of these “miracle” drugs are not covered by insurance, nor Medicare. Many diabetics have burned through their savings just paying for these out-of-pocket expenses. It’s far easier for pharmaceutical companies to sell you their drugs for your disease than prevent it.

They certainly don’t want you to know their big secret. Pharmaceutical companies could lose billions of dollars in sales. But we can tell you:

No one has ever reverse around their Type 2 Diabetes by medications alone. Thousands of people have completely reversed their disease by changing what they eat and adding exercise.


Diabetic meal plan of five hours per week. Five hands counting to five.

Less Than Five Hours Of Cooking Per Week. Start your trial today!


Question The Medical Guidelines

The low-carb, high-fat model is the reason so many diabetics have found success in reversing their disease. Our experts recommend consuming around 50 grams of carbohydrates per day total. Yet, many medical professionals give the advice of eating 40-70 grams of carbohydrates per meal and more with snacks. This is a lot of carbs to consume for someone without diabetes, much less someone with diabetes.

“We are essentially recommending that they eat exactly what’s causing their problem. Sound crazy? It really, really is. Because at its root, diabetes is a state of carbohydrate toxicity.” – Dr Sarah Hallberg

The video below dives into the interconnected problems with the ADA’s guidelines and diabetics’ true needs. Dr Hallberg is a leading professional on diabetes treatment that shines a light on our nation’s diabetes epidemic. Frighteningly, she mentions that “nowhere in the ADA guidelines is the goal of reversing Type 2 diabetes. This needs to be changed because Type 2 diabetes can be reversed in many if not most situations, especially if we start early.”


Demand the Health You Deserve

An investment in yourself is an investment in your future. The affordable annual price of this diabetic meal plan service costs much less than one doctor‘s visit or a month’s worth of prescription drugs. We urge you to get started today with Five Hour Diabetic at no obligation. The only regret you will have is not starting earlier. And the most important thing you get is priceless: more life and time with your family.


diabetic meal plan may lead to cure or reverse type 2 diabetes

Your nutrition is the largest controllable variable to your health. When you eat whole foods, with healing properties, your body can naturally repair itself.


Disclaimer: The Five Hour Diabetic meal plan is meant to be used with the ongoing care of a physician or other certified medical professional. It is never meant as a replacement for proper medical treatment, nor as a substitute for medications for any health conditions. When this diabetic meal plan is followed closely, the conditions of diabetes should lessen, over time. As conditions improve, your medical professional can cut medications as they see fit. Consult with your physician before beginning this diabetic meal plan. If you are on medications to lower your blood sugar levels then start eating a diet that also lowers your blood sugars, you could end up with dangerously low blood sugar. The 15-day trial period for this meal plan (only $1!) can be an excellent opportunity for you to review your dietary needs with your medical professionals. This diabetic meal plan has not been approved nor confirmed by the FDA.