Drinking Water To Lose Weight Naturally

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This magical compound covers over 70% of our planet Earth, yet most people, diabetics included, do not drink enough of it. Water is so crucial to our survival that we can only live a mere 3 days without it. When water is consumed in the amounts that the body needs its benefits are far-reaching. And drinking water to lose weight can help to potentially cure diabetes. Decreasing your daily soda intake (even diet!) and increasing your water intake will accelerate the process of reversing your diabetes.

Body Weight (in lbs) * ½  = Water (in ounces)

Use the above formula to calculate your approximate daily intake of water. If you’re being active through exercise or live in the desert, your daily minimum water needs will be higher. Likewise, if you are detoxifying from the standard American diet (SAD), your body could need more water to rid it from the toxins.


drinking  clean natural water to lose weight

Drink more water by investing in a natural filtration system.



Getting a good, clean water source can prove challenging, however. Most tap water is heavily chlorinated and has other chemicals that can make water taste and smell like it came straight from Shamu’s holding tank. It’s no wonder that many prefer the sweet taste of sodas, juice and energy drinks when compared to this fishy alternative. There’s some simple options to help make tap water more appealing.

  • Drink cold water. Fill up a pitcher of water and place it in your fridge. Not only will the cold mask some of the smell and taste of tap water, but cold water can speed up your metabolism slightly.
  • Add mint and/or lemon to your water. Both of these will make water taste better and come with some added benefits. Lemons can help reduce inflammation, swelling, and is antibacterial. Mint is also antibacterial and can relive irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), soothe upset stomachs and suppress your appetite.
  • Add liquid stevia to your water. If your taste buds are used to the sugary sweet nectar of cherry cola, it could be difficult to drink something so neutral. A few guilt-free drops of the natural sweetener stevia can make the transition off of soda somewhat easier. Stevia Extract Clear Liquid
  • Use an affordable water filter. This Brita water filter can help reduce odor and taste from tap water. While the Brita will make it easier for you to drink more water, it does not remove a great deal of chemicals from the water, it just neutralizes their taste through a charcoal filter.
  • Purchase a dedicate water filtering system. Utilizing a ceramic filter will make sure that chemicals, odors and tastes all get removed from your water. These systems are not cheap but will make the best tasting water you have ever had. Multipure Drinking Water Systems


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There are a few things to avoid with water. Avoid bottled water at all costs. It produces an amazing amount of plastic waste, not to mention the fuel costs needed to drive water from the factory to the store to your home. Bottled water can also leach harmful hormone disrupting chemicals into the liquid from the plastic.

Avoid distilled water, also. Water sold at stores as distilled can still suffer from the same problems as mentioned above from the plastic. But distilled water is also void of the good trace minerals that are found in spring water that our bodies need. If you are buying bottle water, choose the spring water over the distilled.

Water is the driving force of all nature.

― Leonardo da Vinci


drinking cold water to lose weight

Drinking cold water first thing in the morning can boost your metabolism slightly.



The human body uses water for nearly every bodily function. It is essential to our existence. When you give the body what it needs it is amazing in how it responds. Here are some of the known benefits to drinking the proper amount of water everyday:

  • Reduces food intake by drinking a glass pre-meal. When the stomach is full, we tend to stop eating sooner. The water in your stomach can help curb your appetite. Just like drinking the proper amount of water, eating the proper amount of food can aid in weight loss and reversing your diabetes.
  • Boosts metabolism. Drinking 16 oz of cold water first thing in the morning can boost your metabolism slightly. This jump-start on hydration during the day is especially important to those who suffer from sleep apnea. These people tend to lose more moisture throughout the night from heavy mouth breathing.
  • Makes skin look younger. The downside of dehydration is that you physical looks suffer from dry skin and wrinkles. Adding water back into your daily diabetic meal plan may clear up your skin and help you look younger longer.
  • Reduces headaches. Several doctors that I know have found strong correlations between those who suffer from frequent headaches and dehydration. The brain is composed of about 75% water. When you are dehydrated your grey matter can diminish in size and pull away from your skull. This situation understandably causes discomfort to your head.
  • Fights fatigue. One of the major side effects of those suffering from dehydration is a general tiredness. Adding water back into your routine can help you feel more alert and awake.
  • Combats constipation. The process of digestion requires a good amount of liquid to work properly. When food passes through the large intestine a large amount of water is also withdrawn. Not surprisingly, the leading cause of chronic constipation is from dehydration.
  • Assists your body to detox. The main liquid waste from the body is urine, which has waste from the kidneys. Drinking the proper amount of water means that the kidneys have an easier time doing their job of expelling waste.


liquid stevia to sweeten drinking water to lose weight

Add liquid stevia to your water if you are weaning yourself from sugary sodas.



The importance of water in our diet is up there with the quality of food that we consume. If you’re subscribed to our diabetic meal plan, you will be consuming more water inadvertently through whole food ingredients. Good vegetables and fruit contain a significant amount of water in addition to loads of other vitamins and minerals.

Grab yourself a nice water bottle made from inert stainless steel or glass. If you keep this with you throughout the day it will urge you to drink more water. And also prevent you from accidentally ingesting some toxic chemicals from plastic bottles and cups. The Kleen Kanteen makes several affordable shapes and sizes of water bottles. These containers are great for air travel, too. The TSA does not allow fluids to go through security but they do allow containers to go through. Fill it up after security and save yourself the $5 they charge for bottled water.

Check your progress. Make a simple note on your smart phone or on a piece of paper throughout the day with the time and amount of water you drank. By the day’s end you should be close to, or have exceeded, the calculated number above.



As sales of colas are slowly dropping, companies are getting creative with their product offerings to continue making money from sugary beverages. The public is slowly waking up to the fact that colas are bad for your health, hence the drop in sales. Beverages are excellent money makers for companies, yielding about 90% profits over their costs to manufacture. Vitaminwater is one of the latest beverage products to hit the grocery store shelf, along with its deceptive marketing.

What could be wrong with vitamins and water? At first glance it seems like it should be a beverage that offers some health benefits or, at the very least, does not kill you slowly, but unfortunately it is not the case. While it does offer some low-grade vitamins, it also packs a sweet punch of blood sugar spiking carbohydrates. This is precisely what diabetics (and prediabetics) need to avoid, especially those diabetics trying to reverse the damage of this disease. Let’s look at the nutrition label below under a close eye. The first thing to note is how they label a serving. One bottle is not considered a serving, rather 8 oz is or 1/2.5 of the container. I doubt most consumers will only drink 40% of it. This marketing trick will get past most consumers unnoticed. To calculate the total amount of sugar in this bottle you need to multiple the 13 g by 2.5 to get 32.5 g total. To get a good feeling of how much sugar that is, divide by 4.2 g, or the amount of sugar in one teaspoon. This “healthy” vitamin water yields a whopping 7.7 teaspoons of sugar in every bottle, not to mention the 125 empty calories. Another clever marketing trick employed on this label is in the ingredient list. Have you ever heard of crystalline fructose? It is an affordable sweetener that is highly processed and derived from America’s favorite vegetable: corn. It is not good for you at all and about 20% sweeter than conventional table sugar. Crystalline fructose is even 5% sweeter than high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS)! Not only is corn one of the top six inflammatory foods that this diabetic meal plan actively avoids, but it also raises your blood sugar and decreases your insulin sensitivity over time.


drinking water to lose weight instead of sugary vitamin water


Vitaminwater was acquired by Coca-Cola in 2007 for over $4 billion to increase their product offerings in the rapidly growing flavored water segment. In 2010, a class action lawsuit was filed against Coca-Cola for misleading consumers on its health benefits. Coca-Cola denies any wrongdoing but settled the lawsuit nonetheless and removed some of the deceptive wording from its labels.


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