beef steak cooking over flaming grill


Entrées are the main event! A properly sized portion of an entrée will keep you full for hours without an excess of calories and carbs that cause weight gain. Here are the best healthy easy dinner recipes you will find on the internet. The savory proteins and essential healthy fats give big flavor without a big spike in your blood sugar levels. Get your forks ready for some of your new favorite dishes.

Most of these recipes pack well for lunches, too. All recipes have 3 or 4 servings depending on which meal plan you are following. The 1,500 calorie meal plan has 4 servings per meal, while the 2,000 calorie has 3 servings. This means tonight’s dinner is tomorrow’s left-overs. A great time-saver to keep eating healthy during your busy life. Bored of eating leftovers? No worries, most of these healthy easy dinner recipes freeze well also.

These easy recipes are made from easy to find ingredients. Trader Joe’s carries most of these ingredients. Amazon has some ingredients at cheaper prices, too. These are listed on each and every weekly grocery list provided by Five Hour Diabetic. Reversing your diabetes has never been easier.

Each of these recipes clearly lists the nutrition information. This makes it easy to track what and how much you eat. The healthy fat used in these meals can make you skinny. Protein will also keep you satisfied for hours. Avoid those carb cravings to eat less to get more out of your food. Subscribing to our meal plan service takes the guesswork out of portioning and calorie counting. Leave that headache to us!