How To Eat Healthy With One Essential Trick

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Can eating healthy be simple and straight forward? The world of nutrition can overwhelm anyone with counting calories, deciphering mysterious food ingredients and conflicting dietary advice. It’s suspicious to think that it could honestly be so easy. This one essential trick is the core belief of this website and diabetic meal plan. It is truly how to eat healthy. Our weekly meal plans have been designed specifically to meet the needs of Type 2 and Prediabetics by cooking every meal at home. This is the key for healthy eating and potentially reversing your diabetes!


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Fast food options and processed food-like items in every grocery store saturate our modern world. The best way to control the quantity and quality of food that makes it past your lips is to cook everything yourself. This can seem like a large time commitment, but it isn’t. Cooking meals in larger batches with smart cooking techniques saves you time in your life. And just might add some life to your time in this world. Subscribing to our meal plan is the easiest way to jump-start your time in the kitchen. And we take the entire hassle out of creating a grocery list and meal plan to follow. It’s truly that easy.


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Less Than Five Hours Of Cooking Per Week. Start your trial today!




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Diabetic Lifestyle Advocate


I am the resident Diabetic Lifestyle Advocate at Five Hour Diabetic. Here I debunk conventional thinking about nutrition and exercise. My purpose is to enable diabetics to take back control of their health. And make simple recipes that honestly don’t suck.

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