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The medical professionals in your life will have a substantial effect on your health. This is how to find a doctor near you to help you win against diabetes. Those suffering from Prediabetes or Type 2 should be under the active care of a qualified doctor. Under no circumstances should you consider using this website as a substitute for medical care. The nutrition and lifestyle advice on this website is designed to complement the efforts of your doctor, not replace it.

A quality medical staff of doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, endocrinologists and others should give help with medications, neuropathy concerns and much more. If you are taking all the advice of your medical professionals your symptoms should be improving, or at the very least, staying the same. On a personal level, a healthy doctor-patient relationship should involve respect, on both sides, an agreement on medical directions and most importantly a personal connection. If the patient or doctor does not truly enjoy the other person’s presence, your medical care and consequently your health, will suffer. Having a talented and qualified doctor addressing your needs will greatly increase your chances of reversing your diabetes.


Word of mouth still trumps all other means for networking to quality people in your community, not just limited to finding doctors. Do you know of someone who also suffers from diabetes? If so, ask them if they know a good doctor. Do you know a nurse practitioner that you respect? It’s okay to ask them for a referral for a doctor, too. You will still need to further investigate a doctor, but having someone else vet them first could save you some time.

Likewise, if you have a general practitioner or naturopathic physician that you respect, ask that doctor if they have anyone to recommend for an endocrinologist or other professions. A good doctor should have a reliable network of professionals to refer patients for different needs that they cannot accommodate.

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Google can help you get your search started for local resources. Simply enter the type of medical professional you are seeking with your local city’s name or zip code, along with “top doctors” to find a regional list of rated professionals. It might look something like this:

how to find a doctor by a local google search

For better or worse, there exists several websites online for searching and rating doctors. Unfortunately, this does not work too well. Some doctors do have clauses in their first paperwork that prevents patients from reviewing them online. And the number of ratings per doctor are usually not high enough to get a decent perspective on the doctor’s performance. Use these sites with caution.

There exists some websites for searching for specialized or alternative care doctors. Alternative care varies greatly, from state to state, for coverage by insurance and licensing. Call your insurance company to check if, what type and how many visits are potentially allowed on your policy. In some states, like Oregon, one can use your naturopathic physician as your primary care doctor. Some benefits of utilizing a naturopath are having a longer visit with your doctor (45 min vs 7 min) and having a more holistic approach to healing. Read more about naturopathic doctors here. And read even more here.

Functional medicine is another alternative approach to healing. Most functional medicine physicians typically start their careers as MD’s. These doctors take further schooling to get certified as a functional medicine practitioner. Expect your care to include nutrition advice and other conventional medical techniques. Read more about functional medicine here.



After narrowing down your choices of your doctors, you might consider requesting a quick (think 10-15 min) phone interview. Most doctors will accommodate such as a request. The very busy offices might politely decline. The purpose of doing a phone interview before even going in for a first appointment is to probe the doctor for their skills and check to see if their personality is agreeable to yours. If you can get a doctor on the phone, you should certainly have a list of questions ready to ask them. Potential questions for a doctor might include:

  • How many diabetics have you treated in the past?
  • What specialized training have you had for diabetes?
  • How long can you typically spend with a patient each visit?
  • Can I contact you, or someone at your office, with short answer questions that do not need an in-person visit? If so, what communication method is best for you?
  • What is your typical treatment plan for diabetics?
  • Are you open to working with a meal plan designed for diabetics that needs some minor customization?
  • Would you actively collaborate with a patient’s other doctors to communicate their treatment plan?

Questions for the front desk of a potential doctor’s office might include any of the following:

  • What insurance do you accept?
  • Do you offer any discounts for paying in cash?
  • What are your hours of operation?
  • When does the doctor have the most availability?
  • Does your office have any hours for late evenings or on the weekends?
  • How many patients does the doctor typically see in a day?
  • Can I contact someone in your office for prescription refills without coming in for a visit?
  • How long could I expect waiting to get in when I need visit?
  • How are emergency calls handled by your office?
  • What other types of medical professionals work in this office that might be helpful for a diabetic?


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