The sweet and tart flavors from lemons comes best from the fruit, not a mix with unpronounceable ingredients. The synthetically made lemonade from powdered mixes will cause inflammation in your body, while freshly made lemonade will reduce inflammation. It’s the simple but powerful difference between whole food ingredients and ones made in a food laboratory. Take the extra time to make this recipe and reap the benefits with better flavor.



Lemons are antibacterial and have the most calcium citrate of all the citrus fruits. This is important because it can decrease the rate of formation of kidney stones. Drinking lemon juice can be used to counteract nausea, heart burn or acid indigestion. The mighty lemon can also reduce swelling, water retention and inflammation in your body. It’s antibacterial properties can help to rid the body of the bacteria that causes UTI’s (urinary tract infection).


Stevia is native to South America but is being cultivated around the world. It is a natural plant that happens to be quite sweet and pictured above. Stevia has no calories, when used in a pure extract form, does not cause dental problems, like sugar, and has been shown to reduce post postprandial blood sugar spikes. A study done by a panel of medical doctors at the University of Florida found that those participants in the stevia group consumed much less food than compared to those in the sugar group. They also found that the stevia group had much lower postprandial blood sugar levels than the sugar group did. Amazon and some grocery stores have the pure liquid stevia extract. Avoid Stevia In The Raw® at all costs – it has dextrose in it. Dextrose is a sugar (easy to spot since it ends in -ose) derived from corn, one of the top six inflammatory foods..


Prep time
Total time
Enjoy a refreshing glass of sweet and tart lemonade without the blood sugar spike of sugar. Stevia easily replaces the sweetness needed to balance out the tartness of the lemons.
Recipe type: Beverage
Serves: 64 oz
  • Lemons, preferably organic, 5X
  • Fresh Water, 56 oz
  • Liquid Stevia approx 5 droppers
  1. Microwave five lemons in 30 sec intervals until they are warm on the exterior. Time varies by microwave. Be careful - overheated lemons can squirt hot juice and cause injury.
  2. Cut the lemons in half and juice them into a glass container.
  3. Add the water, stevia to taste and mix.
  4. Serve over ice and store in the refrigerator.


Photo by Flickr user William Warby

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