The single best improvement a Type 2 Diabetic (or Prediabetic) can make in their life is to completely stop drinking conventional sodas. Energy drinks, diet sodas and juice are also problematic drinks to avoid. The large quantities of sugar, corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, “natural flavors” and high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) are all highly inflammatory ingredients.

The nutrition facts on the label may read 0g of fat, but the sugar can be as high as 100g(!) per bottle. Sugar, including HFCS, is an immediate form of energy. When sugar is not immediately burned by the body it is sent to the liver, converted to fat molecules and stored as body fat. The years of “conventional wisdom” telling us to eat only low-fat foods has failed us as a nation. While everyone was scanning labels for fat, the sugar levels have been slowly increasing over the years. This has been the biggest contributor to our obesity and diabetes epidemics. This recipe fixes this problem.



Stevia is native to South America but is being cultivated around the world. It is a natural plant that happens to be quite sweet. Stevia has no calories, when used in a pure extract form, does not cause dental problems, like sugar, and has been shown to reduce post postprandial blood sugar spikes. A study done by a panel of medical doctors at the University of Florida found that those participants in the stevia group consumed much less food than compared to those in the sugar group. They also found that the stevia group had much lower postprandial blood sugar levels than the sugar group did. Amazon and some grocery stores have the pure liquid stevia extract. Avoid Stevia In The Raw® at all costs – it has dextrose in it. Dextrose is a sugar (easy to spot since it ends in -ose) derived from corn, one of the top six inflammatory foods.

Stevia comes in several different flavors. These all make refreshing sodas. Personally, root beer is my favorite.

Stevia Extract Clear Liquid

Vanilla Creme Flavored Liquid Stevia

Liquid Stevia Sweetener, Cola

Liquid Stevia Sweetener, Root Beer

Water Enhancer Sweetener, Peach Mango

Soda Pack Sweetener – Cola, Grape & Root Beer


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At first glance this recipe might seem like it is only possible to make at home, but it’s not! Any restaurant, bar or cafeteria that sells sugary soda beverages can also dispense just the soda part, without the syrup. This is good news for diabetics. The bubbly CO2 part of soda is perfectly fine to drink – it’s just water and inert gas. Add a few drops of your favorite stevia flavor and you have a guilt-free soda. The small button on most soda machines goes mostly overlooked.

Grocery stores also sell club soda. Sometimes it is labelled as seltzer water. It’s typically on the bottom shelf and the most affordable thing in the beverage aisle. Take a 1L of club soda to work or school with your stevia drops and never be tempted again by poor quality conventional sodas.


Cook time
Total time
Enjoy a sweet, guilt-free soda made with healthy liquid stevia. Lose weight by eliminating HFCS from your diet while still getting your bubbly fix.
Recipe type: Beverage
Serves: 12 oz
  • Club soda (seltzer water) 12 oz
  • Liquid Stevia 5-10 drops
  • Ice
  1. Add ice and liquid stevia drops to your desired sweetness to a glass.
  2. Fill glass with club soda, stir and enjoy!




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